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Keep track of your portfolio online and on the go

Mobile application for venture investors

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Investors receive crucial information about the performance of the fund and its portfolio whenever they need it.


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Key features of the mobile application


Investors often have many questions addressed to the fund's investment team: analysts, accountants, lawyers, managers

AIRR Mobile fills this need in one single app


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What is the return on my investment? 

Key fund metrics explained and available 24/7 

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How much is my portfolio worth?

Receive real-time NAV updates and live metrics on your current portfolio

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What is my dividend history? 

Review dividend distributions and drawdown history

Where do we invest next?

Be informed about current pipeline opportunities

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Where can I find my last report?

Find all the documents of the fund in one place: financial statements, commitments, performance reports all kept in order. 

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Key fund


upon request

​Real-time portfolio valuation

Dividend distributions

and drawdown


Current pipeline opportunities

​Systematic data update and 



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